Traynor Family Enterprise Leadership

Tom White

Tom White

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tom White has been with Haws for over 20 years and has held the position as President of Haws Corporation for the last 5 years. In 2015, with the rapid growth opportunities for the company, White has refocused his duties associated with his new role as Chief Executive Officer to include overseeing the entire Traynor Family Enterprise™ (TFE) portfolio of companies.


Michael Markovsky

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Markovsky is responsible for global operations, marketing, product management, and domestic sales and customer service. In addition, Markovsky oversees the Haws emergency equipment and drinking fountain businesses as well the Haws Integrated™and Brita® Hydration Station® business units in support of their respective general managers.


Scot McLean

President of International Business

Scot McLean has been with Haws since 2005 where he began as VP of Sales and Marketing. In his most recent role, McLean is responsible for building strategic partnerships and alliances globally.  McLean leads the effort to globalize and pursue emerging international markets and create beachheads that can be utilized by all Traynor Family Enterprise businesses. In addition, he is leading our new venture in India.


John Pettibone

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

John Pettibone joined the Haws team in 2000. Bringing more than 35 years of financial and accounting expertise, he currently serves as VP of Finance and CFO.


Stephanie Kilroy

Director of Family Governance

Stephanie has been with Haws for over 8 years and has recently joined the Board of Directors as Director of Family Governance where she leads all family council activities as well as drives and maintains corporate values among the entire portfolio of businesses. Kilroy will become the primary liaison between Traynor Family Enterprise shareholders and the business itself. In addition to this role, Kilroy  works in the program management role with Human Resources where she manages programs that partner Haws with the community.