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Every day we work to address your needs and solve your challenges by applying imagination and initiative to make your job easier. Haws invents, manufactures and builds drinking fountains and standardized and customized emergency response products. With more than 8,000 distribution locations and 250 employees worldwide, we continually focus on quality, service, reliability and complete solution support.

With the invention of the drinking fountain in 1906 by Luther Haws, the Haws Sanitary Drinking Faucet Company formed in 1909 in Berkeley, California. During the 1950’s, Haws introduced emergency drench showers and safety eyewashes into its manufacturing line. Establishing headquarters in Northern Nevada in 1996, Haws continued expanding, opening global locations Haws AG (Switzerland) in 1985, Haws Manufacturing Pte, Ltd (Singapore) in 1999, and Haws-Avlis (Brazil) in 2001. To this day, Haws Corporation’s innovative spirit is driven by third, fourth and fifth generations of the Haws family.

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Haws IntegratedTM

As a best-in-class emergency response provider for more than 50 years, Haws Integrated makes it easy for customer to fulfill their needs by offering comprehensive services for an effortless emergency solution.



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Brita® Hydration Station® professional products make it easy to provide great-tasting, filtered water everywhere.



Onstream delivers enabling technologies for OEMs to turn their traditional products into feature-rich, configurable, intelligent devices. onstream logo