Who We Are

Traynor Family Enterprise is a family-owned business that dates back to 1906 and our founder, Luther Haws. Now in our fourth generation of family ownership, our focus is on the future rather than short term financial results. We are a family enterprise – not simply a business – that fully leverages the competitive advantage of our family ownership. We are driven foremost by our values which serve as a compass for our enterprise. And while values remain constant, how we create value changes over time and will continue to do so. We give equal emphasis to education and governance, business development and vision, employee growth and achievement, and financial performance.

We value family, so our legacy is important to us. We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. We value leadership, education, innovation, and fairness and we understand the importance of investing in relationships. We have fun. We accept responsibility for our actions. We recognize that much of our success comes from attracting and retaining the best available talent and then supporting their efforts to build and deepen our desired core competencies. We provide a safe, open, and collaborative environment that fosters candid, respectful dialog and a willingness to challenge the status quo.