How We Execute

1. WE ARE AN INNOVATIVE COMPANY Innovation is vital for the growth and survival of any business and it keeps us appropriately focused on the future. Our approach to innovation is formalized, disciplined, and strategic rather than opportunistic or accidental. It also comes in many forms, including but not limited to, product, process, and business model innovation.

2. WE SELECT AND DEVELOP STRONG LEADERSHIP TO EXECUTE OUR STRATEGY Innovation and growth does not happen by itself. Without strong leadership, it is easy for management to default to simply doing things right rather than doing the right things. The right leadership looks outside of the business and creates strategy that pursues developing opportunities while defending the business from emerging threats. We invest in our people in order to build strong leadership and capabilities that enable us to execute well at every level of the business.

3. WE INCREASE EARNINGS OVER TIME THROUGH REVENUE GROWTH AND COST REDUCTION  The constant and noble pursuit in any business is that of profit. It is required to sustain and expand the activities of the business and provide opportunities for employee growth and achievement. We balance our investment in new business opportunities with a strong focus on leveraging existing businesses to maximize growth and optimize costs. This sits at the core of all employee and business activity as it has been since 1906.

4. WE WORK CLOSELY WITH CUSTOMERS TO DEVELOP RELEVANT AND VALUABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THEM TO identify opportunities and threats to our business, we have to be close enough to our markets and customers that we understand their needs. Simply developing new products without determining if there is a compelling customer need is a risky endeavor. Developing solutions with the assistance of customers with real marketplace needs is the recipe for success.

5. WE EMBRACE DIVERSE BUSINESS MODELS WITH UNIQUE AND DEFENSIBLE VALUE PROPOSITIONS AS we anticipate the future, it is critical that we create the right vision for all of our ventures. Whether Haws Integrated®, Haws® Services, or Hydration by Haws™, we must understand and recognize their unique differences. What is our value proposition and what channels are needed to distribute our product or solution? Who are our key suppliers and customers? What is our cost structure and how do we make money? The answers are more obvious for some of our businesses, yet less so for others. We have to take the time to test and develop the right architecture for each business in order to maximize its value.